Black Arts Production Theatre Ltd (BAP) would like to reach out to companies and members of the community who would like to sponsor or donate to our theatre company. We also hope that people who sponsor BAP would like to see the theatre/film industry change to give black artiste in Britain a fair chance to get more positive roles in film and television and be presented with awards for their hard work.

BAP needs donations to help us produce theatre productions (full-length plays) which will allow BAP to compete with other main stream theatres and establish a recognized drama school which trains children 8-16yrs and adults with no upper age limit. BAP would like to move into a different area writing and developing new television programmes for BBC, Channel Four and Sky TV, which are educational, positive and thought provoking.

Black artiste in Britain are still having a difficult time getting the roles they deserve and this is the main reason BAP formed in the late 80’s. We would like to raise 1 Million Pounds to fund the work we do in the community. Please help! Anyone can donate.

Please contact us 0n 0208 808 0860 or email

Richard Reid

Artistic Director